xSIID Tools

Put your xSIID's 2nd sector to use!

The second sector (Sector 1) of the NTAG I2C plus chip (found in the Dangerous Things xSIID implant) is inaccessible to most NFC applications. However, it's readable and writable with the NFC Shell app.

The tools

xSIID Tools provides tools to help read data from and write data to NTAG I2C chips. It can convert between ASCII text and raw ISO1443A commands for writing data, or convert hex output of a read back into ASCII.

Runs localy

This site doesn't send user-inupt to any server. All calculations are done locally in JavaScript. If you're using the tools on sensitive data, you can download the site and open it offline in order to guarantee your data doesn't leave your machine.


These tools could brick your implant!

Interacting with a chip directly using raw ISO1443A commands via NFC Shell is more dangerous than using a consumer NFC writer app.


Only for use with NTAG I2C plus!

Unless you really know what you're doing, these tools shouldn't be used on any other chip but the NTAG I2C plus with 2k of memory, which can be found in the Dangerous Things xSIID implant and their NITC (NTAG I2C Test Card).


xSIID Raw Data Writer xSIID Data Reader